Ehang Play APP
Simple, smart, the joy of flight

Ghostdrone is entirely controlled by the APP.
Take off, move, hover, follow-me mode, return and
landing by a single click.
Achieve a variety of intelligent control modes which will allow you to easily enjoy
the fun of flying.

  • Intelligent control (GPS mode)

    APP is monitoring the status of the copter during the flight. You can quickly make the right decision with a copter when it faces an emergency situation. In case of a low battery, signal interruption or a loss of contact with the copter, the copter will automatically return to its take off position.
  • Slide to take off

    Confirm the take off by dragging the slider. The copter will take off to its preset height where it will hover and wait for your next instructions. Manipulation is very easy and provides a smooth take off so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Return button

    It is not necessary to keep a close eye on the copter in the sky when returning to the starting position. You only need to press the return button, the copter will fly to its take off position and hover there.
  • Landing button

    Press the „down“ button, the copter will slowly land from its current position and lock the propellers.

Supports an entire range of Ghostdrone products and mainstream mobile devices.

EHANG Play APP is supported by Android and iOS systems,
G-Box, VR goggles and all drones Ghostdrone.